COBIT 2019 Foundation

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Question 1Topic 1

The value that I&T delivers should be:

A. aligned directly with the values on which the business is focused.

B. focused exclusively on I&T investments that generate financial benefits.

C. restricted to maintaining and increasing value derived from existing I&T investments.

Question 2Topic 1

Which of the following is a guiding principle in the development of COBIT?

A. COBIT aligns with other related and relevant I&T standards, frameworks and regulations

B. COBIT includes relevant content from other related I&T standards, frameworks and regulations.

C. COBIT serves as a comprehensive standalone framework that covers all relevant I&T-related activities.

Question 3Topic 1

COBIT defines stakeholder value creation as which of the following?

A. Realization of benefits at a controlled resource cost while controlling risk

B. Realization of benefits at an optimal resource cost while optimizing risk

C. Realization of benefits at a reduced resource cost while mitigating risk

Question 4Topic 1

Which of the following is an element of governance?

A. Building plans to align with the direction set by the governance body

B. Monitoring activities designed to achieve enterprise objectives

C. Evaluating stakeholder needs to determine enterprise objectives

Question 5Topic 1

In most cases, management of the enterprise is the responsibility of:

A. the project management office.

B. the executive management team.

C. the board of directors.