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Question 1Topic 1

Which of the following BEST represents privacy threat modeling methodology?

A. Mitigating inherent risks and threats associated with privacy control weaknesses

B. Systematically eliciting and mitigating privacy threats in a software architecture

C. Reliably estimating a threat actorÔÇÖs ability to exploit privacy vulnerabilities

D. Replicating privacy scenarios that reflect representative software usage

Question 2Topic 1

What should be the PRIMARY consideration of a multinational organization deploying a user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) tool to centralize the monitoring of anomalous employee behavior?

A. Cross-border data transfer

B. Support staff availability and skill set

C. User notification

D. Global public interest

Question 3Topic 1

During the design of a role-based user access model for a new application, which of the following principles is MOST important to ensure data privacy is protected?

A. Segregation of duties

B. Unique user credentials

C. Two-person rule

D. Need-to-know basis

Question 4Topic 1

When evaluating cloud-based services for backup, which of the following is MOST important to consider from a privacy regulation standpoint?

A. Data classification labeling

B. Data residing in another country

C. Volume of data stored

D. Privacy training for backup users

Question 5Topic 1

Of the following, who should be PRIMARILY accountable for creating an organizationÔÇÖs privacy management strategy?

A. Chief data officer (CDO)

B. Privacy steering committee

C. Information security steering committee

D. Chief privacy officer (CPO)