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Question 1Topic 1

Network environments and virtual instances shall be designed and configured to restrict and monitor traffic between trusted and untrusted connections. These configurations shall be reviewed at least annually, and supported by a documented justification for use for all allowed services, protocols, ports, and by compensating controls. Which of the following controls BEST matches this control description?

A. Network Security

B. Change Detection

C. Virtual Instance and OS Hardening

D. Network Vulnerability Management

Question 2Topic 1

Changes to which of the following will MOST likely influence the expansion or reduction of controls required to remediate the risk arising from changes to an organizationÔÇÖs SaaS vendor?

A. Risk exceptions policy

B. Contractual requirements

C. Risk appetite

D. Board oversight

Question 3Topic 1

After finding a vulnerability in an internet-facing server of an organization, a cybersecurity criminal is able to access an encrypted file system and successfully manages to overwrite part of some files with random data. In reference to the Top Threats Analysis methodology, how would you categorize the technical impact of this incident?

A. As an integrity breach

B. As control breach

C. As an availability breach

D. As a confidentiality breach

Question 4Topic 1

Organizations maintain mappings between the different control frameworks they adopt to:

A. help identify controls with common assessment status.

B. avoid duplication of work when assessing compliance.

C. help identify controls with different assessment status.

D. start a compliance assessment using latest assessment.

Question 5Topic 1

Which of the following approaches encompasses social engineering of staff, bypassing of physical access controls and penetration testing?

A. Blue team

B. White box

C. Gray box

D. Red team