CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 1

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Question 1Topic 1

A user, who is attempting to give a presentation via a projector in a conference room, reports that the projector has video but no audio. Which of the following will MOST likely resolve the issue?

A. Changing the input on the projector to VGA

B. Changing the output on the PC to DVI

C. Modifying the projector's refresh rate

D. Utilizing an HDMI connection

Question 2Topic 1

A customer reports that a computer is never able to reach more than a 100Mbps transfer data rate, even when using a Gigabit LAN card. While troubleshooting, the technician notices the network cable needs to be replaced. Which of the following cable categories is limiting the transfer speed?

A. Cat 5

B. Cat 5e

C. Cat 6

D. Cat 6a

Question 3Topic 1

While using a popular videoconferencing program, the user selects a webcam, but the software is unable to open the webcam. The webcam was working the previous day. Which of the following should be done to address this issue?

A. Close other video software and retry.

B. Adjust the conference software to a compatible resolution.

C. Switch the video from the webcam to ÎÆÔé¼conferenceÎÆÔé¼ mode.

D. Reseat or replace the webcam.

Question 4Topic 1

A user failed to gain access to a building's entrance after security measures at the entrance were upgraded last week. The company implemented the 13.56MHz frequency short band, and users can now utilize their mobile devices to authenticate. Which of the following has to be enabled for the mobile device to authenticate?

A. Bluetooth

B. Biometrics



Question 5Topic 1

Vertical streaks are appearing on the output of a laser printer. Which of the following items is the MOST likely cause?

A. Roller

B. Drum

C. Transfer belt

D. Ribbon