Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR)

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Question 1Topic 1

What is the difference between a RIB and a FIB?

A. The FIB is populated based on RIB content.

B. The RIB maintains a mirror image of the FIB.

C. The RIB is used to make IP source prefix-based switching decisions.

D. The FIB is where all IP routing information is stored.

Question 2Topic 1

Which QoS component alters a packet to change the way that traffic is treated in the network?

A. policing

B. classification

C. marking

D. shaping

Question 3Topic 1

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Question 4Topic 1

Which statement about Cisco Express Forwarding is true?

A. The CPU of a router becomes directly involved with packet-switching decisions.

B. It uses a fast cache that is maintained in a router data plane.

C. It maintains two tables in the data plane: the FIB and adjacency table.

D. It makes forwarding decisions by a process that is scheduled through the IOS scheduler.

Question 5Topic 1

What is a benefit of deploying an on-premises infrastructure versus a cloud infrastructure deployment?

A. ability to quickly increase compute power without the need to install additional hardware

B. less power and cooling resources needed to run infrastructure on-premises

C. faster deployment times because additional infrastructure does not need to be purchased

D. lower latency between systems that are physically located near each other