Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (ENARSI)

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Question 1Topic 1

Refer to the exhibit. Users in the branch network of 2001:db8:0:4::/64 report that they cannot access the Internet.
Which command is issued in IPv6 router EIGRP 100 configuration mode to solve this issue?

A. Issue the eigrp stub command on R1.

B. Issue the no eigrp stub command on R1.

C. Issue the eigrp stub command on R2.

D. Issue the no eigrp stub command on R2.

Question 2Topic 1

Refer to the exhibit. Which configuration configures a policy on R1 to forward any traffic that is sourced from the network to R2?





Question 3Topic 1

R2 has a locally originated prefix and has these configurations:

What is the result when the route-map OUT command is applied toward an eBGP neighbor R1 ( by using the neighbor route-map OUT out command?

A. R1 sees as two AS hops away instead of one AS hop away.

B. R1 does not accept any routes other than

C. R1 does not forward traffic that is destined for

D. Network is not allowed in the R1 table

Question 4Topic 1

Which method changes the forwarding decision that a router makes without first changing the routing table or influencing the IP data plane?

A. nonbroadcast multiaccess

B. packet switching

C. policy-based routing

D. forwarding information base

Question 5Topic 1

Refer to the exhibits. The output of the trace route from R5 shows a loop in the network.
Which configuration prevents this loop?